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Passionate impressive action
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Wandering gipsies had once brought flamenco to the Spanish lands. Mainly they were servants or mine workers and flamenco was their way to express emotions: pain and sorrow or passion. Spanish nobles enjoyed this type of singing and dancing, that’s how fist flamenco troops appeared. With today’s deal you can experience the passion of gipsies for only $12 at Spanish Guitar studio.

At its very birth flamenco was nothing but the voice and the rhythm accompanied by clapping. Today, after the centuries of evolution, flamenco performances usually feature a group of dancing pairs in colorful vivid garments and an orchestra. Though in regular life an outfit, spanish guitar and castanets should be enough to become a true flamenco dancer.

Basically, the flamenco style expression of emotions is divided into three types:

Toque (the play) relates to the special technique of guitar playing. Guitar is played using the cejillas, special artifacts making the guitar sounds more sharp and percussive.
Cante (singing) flamenco vocalism is very emotional and profound. most sounds are low-pitched. The themes used to combine grieve and passion and was focusing on such things as incarceration, loss, death, hard work, love and betrayed love.
Baile (dancing) most vivid and exciting part of flamenco performances. In medieval times, flamenco dancers, though coming from the lowest layers of society, received a lot of appreciation and were frequently invited to the Royal Court of Spain.

Today’s deal is inviting you to express your passion through becoming a flamenco dancer. To master the virtuoso techniques and unleash your feelings. Only at the Spanish Guitar you can experience the abyss of emotions brought by sharp, exotic, and sincere flamenco dance.


“I was very happy to find this deal, that’s most unusual workout I ever had” Maria H.

“To tell the truth, I’m no good at dancing, so I was a little uncomfortable about dancing in a group, worrying about my low level of skills. But this unique wild atmosphere made me forget about my clumsiness and feel the rhythm… Oh,yeah!” Sandra