We are looking for talented people! Sounds interesting? Currently open positions are:

  • Writer
    Creative individual with a sense of humor.
    The deal description should be, in the first place, entertaining while promoting the featured business.
    The idea is to focus not on the product or nature of the services, but on the impressions the customers will experience.
    A well-matched applicant should have a keen eye for “what will sell this one”
  • Sales manager
    Proactive individual with the background in online sales, advertising and social media.
    Must be fine-tuned on the pulse of their city to bring in the hottest deals at ridiculous prices (restaurants, gyms, spas, theaters, etc) .
    The establishment of relationships with businesses requires
    strong communication skills (including cold-calling) and positive attitude, as well as the deep knowledge of web 2.0 means
    to maintain the persistent and steady online presence.
  • Customer Care Consultant
    Sympathetic individual with great communication skills capable to appease even the pickiest customer.
    The fast-paced and challenging environment will require excellent time-management,
    attendance and multi-tasking skills mixed with the high level of dependence and responsibility.
    The demanding job responsibilities require solid understanding of
    electronic commerce and sharp troubleshooting skills,
    so the technical background will be an advantage.
  • Research analyst
    An individual with meticulous attention to details and outstanding analytical skills.
    The job responsibilities feature thorough analysis of the given market,
    important trends identification and definition of the most prospective merchants in the area.

If you have nodded at least twice while reading all the above, do not hesitate to contact us