How our daily deals work

All of us like trying something new, especially when there’s a huge 50% to 90% discount involved. These are brief simple guidelines for you not to miss a terrific discount in the hood.

  • Every day we feature a great local business offering its selected services and goods at an amazing discount.
  • Offers are only available for a limited time, so be sure to act fast and help yourself with a huge discount until the time set for a deal runs out.
  • If you like the offer, do not hesitate to buy it – your card will only be charged if enough other people buy in too, and the offer gets “tipped”. So you’d better spread the word and let your friends know for all of you to save.
  • If not enough people buy before the offer is over, the offer is off and no one’s card gets charged. And no one gets a discount. Such a tragedy :( You’ll not let this happen, will you?
  • Once the offer is on, you will receive a confirmation email with the instructions on how to redeem your printable coupon. Print it out! It’s high time to have some fun.
  • When you head to the business’s place, simply present your coupon and enjoy their service at the ridiculously low price.

Indulge the hidden desire to explore your living area!
And we are here to help you with that ;)